In collaboration with Joshua Dickinson

Drip is an interactive installation based on the creation of sound through amplified water droplets. A system of pumps supplies water to Arduino-controlled solenoid valves which open and close releasing drops in modulating rhythmic patterns. These valves are positioned above resonating sheets of metal or “tone bars,” connected to contact microphones. The resulting hybrid natural/manufactured form can be thought of as an augmented version of natural rain, or a digitally enhanced version of mechanical fountains found in cities throughout the world.

The installation harnesses a chaotic force of nature and converts it into a more humanly accessible/appreciable form. Dripping water always produces rhythms and melodies, but through amplification, these otherwise imperceptible sonic qualities are made available to the audience. By controlling the rate of drip (rhythm) and the shape of the material that is dripped upon (pitch), the piece produces something more “perfect” than what can be found naturally. By harnessing nature in this way, it is possible to highlight both beautiful and devious undertones.

drip at soundwalk 2013, LA

drip at NIME 2013, Daejeon-Seoul South Korea